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Prime, Test, dummy wafers are just some of the name which are applied to Silicon wafer. We do more by understanding our customers' requirement so they could reduce their overhead on such consumables but at the same time achieve higher yield.

Our wafers are mainly from Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and we provide various level of wafers from dicing precut to PECVD and EMI usage.

1. Wafer: 3” –12”
2. Dummy / Monitor / Prime /Monitor /Spacer Test Wafer : 3” –12”
3. Thin Wafer Thickness : 50um –850um
4. Aluminum Wafer : 3” –12”
5. Oxide wafer : 3” -12”

Special wafer ( Nitride, SiC, LT, LN, SOI,…..etc. )

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