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Dicing Tape | Backgrind tape

We are the authorized sales agent in Singapore and Malaysia for DENKA ELEGRIP tapes.

We partner with DENKA to provide our customers with off the shleves and tailored made tapes. 

Our team of experienced Customer Engineers (most of them ex-disco) could help you shortern your search for the ideal tape.


Some of the examples of the work we do are:-

1. Improve tape adhesion

2. Eliminate Water seepages

3. Staging time optimization

4. Improve units pick up 

5. Optimize tape cut depth

6. Prevent tape residue sticking to units

7. ESD tape selection

8. Pre cut | Batch cut tape selection

9. Improve wafer TTV

and many more.....  


alt=""Denka dicing tape for backgrind wafer UV"
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