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Semi Automatic Wafer Mounter

SAM-C8/12P with DAF option

ALT=''Pre cut tape dicing tape and DAF tape mounter"

Machine features

  • Designed and manufacture by GSP

  • Support for workpieces with 6", 8"and 12"wafers, all substrates, round or square shapes for mounting on pre-cut tape

  • Highly flexible in operating range by changing of various chuck tables and frame tables (option)

  • ESD and UV cover for multiple applications

  • Die Attach Film (DAF) heating function (option)


  • Environmental-conscious design and high UPH at the same time

  • The SAM-C8/12P is our state-of-the -art mounter with intuitive control and fast booting due to GUI

  • The SAM-C8/12P offers fast processing time approx 15s per wafer

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