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High precision water temperature control for stabilizing
equipment precision and product quality

The AX10W DTU are water supply units for dicing saws and grinders that provide a stable supply
of spindle cooling water or dicing water at a constant temperature and a suitable pressure.

Machine features

  • ​Stable high precision processing

Due to optimizations in the unit design, changes
in temperature when changing the flow rate of
dicing water can be kept under 1oC. Changes in
dicing saws, grinder spindles, chuck tables, and
workpiece areas around the process point due
to changes in temperature can be minimized
to help improve processing precision.

  • Guarantee water supply pressure

​Even if the pressure of the water supply from
the facility infrastructure is low, the unit will
increase the water pressure to the necessary
evels for dicing saws and grinders.

  • 1 year warranty

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